Rhythm Trek

A few comments from the Rhythm Trek drum camp participants last week….
“I really like the hand drums and the beat we learned (Zigi) Kwasi Dunyo and Kathy are great teachers and Andrew (Dunyo) is really funny and a good dancer! I’ve been to this camp 3 times and it is my favourite camp.” Ioyan, age 10
“I thought it was cool to meet everyone in the group. I found out that African drumming was not as easy as I thought.” Alex, age 10
“It was fun working with Emma (youth volunteer) to make things happen and it was also fun to learn all the Gota parts that happen while I am usually dancing!” Lucia, 17 youth volunteer
“I liked when Kwasi came to do some drumming with us. Also when Emma gave me piggy-backs. That was the first time I touched an African drum! It was…….AWESOME.” Annika, age 8

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