Fanta Connection

In preparation for Rhythm Café (this coming Sunday at the studio from 2-5pm), members of the older ROOTS class joined the youth performers at their rehearsal. They will be performing a couple of pieces together at the annual event. After meeting & greeting they worked on a vocal and drum version of Drum Talk, a series of rhythms from the northern region of Ghana. We also had a terrific joint Bell Forest rehearsal with lots of cool rainforest sound effects.
Rhythm Café is also a chance for us to kick off the fundraising campaign for FOOTSTEPS TO GHANA 2011. This is an educational tour that Baobab Youth will undertake to Ghana in the summer of 2011. Some members of the ROOTS class will be moving up into the youth group by then, so last night’s joint rehearsal was a great way to get to know each other better. AND as luck would have it, we were visited by the FANTA Fairy. On past youth trips to Ghana (2001 & 2006) the favourite drink to enjoy at the village “spot” is a bottle of cool orange Fanta. last night everyone got a taste of that for themselves, handed out by Lucia, one of our senior members who was on the 2006 trip. Bottled Fanta is hard to come by in Ottawa, so it was an awesome and much-appreciated treat. Big Thanks to the FANTA Fairy!!!!

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