Grannies Groove!

Several members of the Capital Grannies have been gathering for occasional workshops at the Baobab Tree House studio with Kathy Armstrong. They recently performed at a gathering of several granny groups, who are part of a large network that raises money for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. They led themselves in arrangements of West African drum pieces, south African chants on some of Baobab ‘s drums and drums that they made themselves. Apparently they were a hit!

“We did it and loved it! A short quiet practice in the kitchen ( they didn’t want any noise !) and then we were on. It was a great feeling when all the grandmothers joined in with our singing and chanting! The more they did the more we enjoyed the moment. The audience seemed to really get into it and followed us around the room on the last piece – they were chanting and clapping. It is amazing how drumming, singing and chanting can create such community spirit. Thanks so much for giving us the confidence we needed. We now want to expand our pieces so will be back in touch for more workshops! “
-Kate Bryant

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