An unexpected gift!

During the week of January 20-23 I had the pleasure of working at the Forsyth Country Day School in North Carolina, hosted by Choral conductor and educator Jeremy Truhel. During those three days, I worked with choral and instrumental music students of many ages at the school putting together three different Ghanaian drum and dance pieces. I also saw all the sixth grade for a special session on music, dance and culture since Africa is in their curriculum. We talked about the small village of Dagbamete which Baobab Tree has been supporting since our beginnings. I enjoyed my time there immensely; great faculty, students and facilities. On the final day, we had an informal performance in the round, where we presented Ghana Alleluia, some Bobobo drumming, a groovy and energetic Kpanlogo by the band and orchestra kids and a large scale Gahu involving drumming, singing and dancing! At the end of the demonstration, one of the sixth graders came up to me and said that after learning about Ghana and seeing the music she wanted to give something from her piggy bank to the kids in the village of Dagbamete. The folded bit of money she put in my hand turned out to be a $50 bill! I was touched by the donation, and pleased that we could deliver her support to the kids in the village when the Baobab Youth Performers go in 2011. Thank you Emily!
-Kathy Armstrong

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