More Black History Month News

Dominic Donkor & Kathy Armstrong just finished performing a week of concerts beginning with a lunchtime celebration of Black History month at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. They also visited several schools for workshops and performances from Perth to the east end of Ottawa. Kids loved to join in on the drums at the end of the shows… doubt Dominic will be back in town for more work like this. Currently he is living in Montréal where he directs Keteke. For more info on these and other shows you can visit MASC at
Dominic and Kathy are seen here with the National Capital DFO Employment Equity Committee

The Baobab Treehouse studio was a busy place as well this past weekend….the family workshop had 30 participants including LOTS of little people interested in drums; and the adult drumming and dancing workshops lead by Dominic and his colleague Prosper Adjetey was a huge success. A sweaty, jam packed room of giggling and happy dancers and drummers by the end. Too bad we can’t keep that kind of humidity in the room for the drums all the time!
Look for these two vibrant Ghanaian performers in our regular weekly spring classes beginning mid April.

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