Toronto Tour

We are having a great time here. Trip down was a breeze. Everyone had a great hang on Thursday night with games, piano playing and snacks, and host kids are thrilled to have so many teenagers around. Everyone got to their billets by 10 that night. We performed two school shows yesterday (Morse St School and Withrow Park School)and the group was a hit at both places. Very different school populations, but the praise was high at both, from the principals and the kids. The kids at the second school once they were told that the peace sign is something the Ghanaians use to praise dancers and drummers, the whole school was a waving sea of peace signs. Very cool.
Time in the big Withrow Park and hanging on the Danforth was also fun. Lots of CN Tower sightings and waving to streetcar drivers. Dinner was great Greek food for most…and hey did you know it was Lucia’s birthday? (wink wink). She had her cake. :) We ended the day tired, a little sunburned and happy. Gearing up for next part of the trip..more news later.

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