A Sunny Day in Wakefield

Yesterday we had the pleasure of performing for annual Great Grannies Concert in Wakefield Quebec. This amazing group of women has been staging this fundraiser for the grandmothers in South Africa for years, and its been our honour to have been involved since the beginning, first with our adult group Akpokli and this year with the Baobab Youth. Summer being summer, we had only 10 of the 22 kids in the group, but these ten worked hard and played well, (including three new ROOTS kids who are moving up to the older group this season- Iris, Jona and Ben TS….)

Now, we play lots of fundraisers for wonderful causes, some more formal than others but this one is always quirky and a huge amount of fun…held on the locally famous covered bridge, performers are met by an amazing group of friendly volunteers and “grandmothers” dressed in breezy and groovy clothing. We were in great company, the Sifa Choir and the Ramesha Drummers performed, among others. This being Wakefield, there were tons of cyclists, swimmers and bridge jumpers meandering throughout the event. This is very African, this coming together of arts, community focus and everyday life, all just happening around us. Some of us went swimming after the gig in the beautiful Gatineau river, and one of us even did the big bridge jump!

A great way to raise some money and a chance for the group to dust off our drumming hands and get ready for what promises to be a busy and exciting season……Thanks to Carole for the photo.

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