Rhythm Trek Camp

“I liked how everyone drums and it sounds sirously good and it makes real music. I like the Gahu dance and drumming because it makes my upsidedown frown UP!
I am 9 years old, my name is Nasteho.”

Last week was a special week at the studio, bringing 13 kids ages 8-12, two Baobab Youth mentors, and music, art and food instructors together for a fabulous and fun cultural learning experience.

Kathy Armstrong worked with the kids on Gahu drumming and dancing, a great intro piece from Ghana played with sticks. Rowan and Claudia were our amazing volunteer mentors from Baobab Youth. They taught the kids some great rec games, oversaw the lunchtimes and spent time working on their own leadership skills through some lead drum parts which they showcased at the end of the week.
As Rowan, age 14 said” This year’s Rhythm Trek Camp was a great success. All the kids learned so much and were so much fun to work with. I also loved learning lead drum for Gahu and Kpanlogo. Once again I can’t enforce how gifted, fun and exciting all of the campers are.”

On Tuesday, everyone made a fabulous Adinkra art project with artist Maureen Clarke – a keepsake box- beautifully painted and inscribed, which they took home on Friday.

Ghanaian Dominic Donkor came in from Montréal to work with the campers for two days, teaching them drumming and dancing for Kpanlogo, aided by teacher and Baobab Board member Nadine  Rory organized the Ghanaian food segment, making menus for the chop bar “New Friend-chop Bar” (named by the kids) and cooking and serving the food on Friday at our lunchtime celebration.

Through the generosity of the Rotary Club and Queen Elizabeth School we were able to offer four subsidized spots to the camp. The community presentation at the end of the week was a great showcase of all the fun and hard work that took place. Thanks to all who participated and helped out. Can’t wait for next year!
A few closing words from Victoria, age 8 “I thought that Baobab was hard when I first saw everyone doing different beats at different times but it was not. I learned that different people from different families can have a lot in common. I made a lot of friends in Baobab, I think its really cool. “

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