Shoe La La!

Sunday saw a very different set up at the Baobab Studio…so different that we had to spill out into the big room of our wonderful landlords, St George’s.  Usually its all about drums, drums and more drums but this time it was shoes, shoes and more shoes!

Not to mention scarves, jewellery, boots and purses. This Footsteps to Ghana fundraiser was a big success. Thanks to everyone in our community who donated items for the sale….lots of it was even new and was a big hit with the afternoon shoppers some of whom got there early to wait in line for the best deals. And there were some great deals to be had. There were a slew of volunteers on hand that day, not to mention those who had done all the terrific sorting. A great fundraising event; and quite a few footsteps closer to Ghana and our projects there.

After the busy event, the adults going to Ghana assembled for one of our bonding dinners (wouldn’t you do that if you were going to be taking 23 teens to West Africa?!!!) We had discussions about Ghana, what to expect in terms of cultural customs,  and we ate some delicious food. Baobab instructor and co-founder Rory Magill even bbq’d up some sardines in the driveway prior to the  dinner which he served with kenke and hot sauce (can you say shito?), a favourite among Ghanaians. He served the food with his usual off the wall and totally entertaining accounts of Ghanaian culture. About five months until we leave….getting closer….

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