Busy Drumming Times!

Wow, so much has been going on at Baobab Tree in the last few weeks, its been a bit of a blur.  The Baobab Youth performed at two seniors centres in town, the Pallisades and the Hillel Lodge. Audiences at both locations thoroughly enjoyed our show and enthusiastically participated with us at the end by dancing and trying out some instruments. Dominic Donkor came to town to do some school performances with me through MASC and while he was here, spent some time with the ROOTS 11-13 class. They had a blast with him and it really pumped them up for their open house which happened last night. Maureen Clarke was on hand to put the final touches on the fabulous picture frame projects they made with her, using their Ghanaian day names.The kids played a terrific set including a complex  Pete Pete with passing blocks, singing, and drums, as well as the  fast stick drumming piece Gota and a Bobobo featuring the beautiful and long hand drum intro. We’ll start two new sessions of ROOTS (11-13 & 7-10) the first week of April. Always  fun to work with these amazing kids!

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