Granny Fest

It seems that there is no end to the interesting people I meet through drumming, and the extraordinary situations and communities connected through music. Yesterday I had the pleasure of performing with the Capital Grannies, at the Ottawa Granny Fest, a day of inspiring speakers and workshops for the amazing members of the numerous Granny groups that are in this region and further afield…some even came from Sherbrooke, Quebec!  If you don’t already know about the work of the Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign and their work with the Stephen Lewis Foundation click here! A couple of years back, Kate Bryant, one of the long time and dedicated students in our adult drumming classes at Baobab Tree,  approached me about having her Granny group come for some drumming workshops,  as they wanted to find a way to express themselves and engage support through music. Its been tough to fit in workshops with this busy group of women but they have persisted and I have taught them Ghanaian hand drum patterns, a stick drumming piece, some songs and chants, all that they can lead themselves.  They have even made two sets of gorgeous sono tube drums for use at their events. Whether its motivating each other at their own workshops or getting attention from politicians on Parliament Hill, these ladies are fast becoming a powerful rhythmic force. While I don’t get to perform with them too often, their commitment, resolve and caring to the cause and to each other is so inspiring to me.  I look forward to my musical  time with them and I certainly count them as friends.

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