Preparing for Ghana

Since September, we have been having monthly Ghana trip meetings for the Footsteps to Ghana travellers and their families. Of course a lot of the time has been spent figuring out fundraising initiatives….but we also really want the travellers to be prepared for what will be a dynamic and challenging journey. At this point we are only three months away from leaving and the excitement is palpable! At our recent Ghana meeting, some of the Baobab kids made presentations on Ghanaian food with samples of fried plantain and groundnut (peanut) clusters. We also learned about education in Ghana, including some information on the school in the village of Dagbamete where we will be staying most of the time. We hope to visit the school a bit before their summer break begins.

The group also got their packing list complete with discussions about culturally appropriate length of shorts and skirts; minimizing our footprint there  by taking biodegradable soap and shampoo and leaving most packaging behind in Canada, as well as the usual talk about electronics and hair dryers that you might expect :) We have also finalized our rooming and chaperone groups…..24 kids, 6 chaperones, 2 admin people, one first aid person and two music researchers! 35 people in total!  Reminders of vaccinations, health forms, visa requirements were also discussed. So many details….but it will all be worth it.

I went to Toronto last weekend to firm up itinerary and logistical plans with our wonderful host and teacher Kwasi Dunyo who will meet the whole group when we get off the plane in Accra. Its going to be a great trip and we will keep you posted on this blog!

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