A busy weekend…

This past weekend saw a lot of activity at the Tree House. Our artist in residence was Kwasi Dunyo, along with his two sons, Kofi and Andrew. As expected, they charmed us all and worked us hard! Public workshops on Saturday were for families, as well as adult drum and dance. Two of our parent chaperones for the Ghana trip as well as our manager Hayley participated in a effort to gain a few skills for the community drum and dance events we will be attending while in Kwasi’s village of Dagbamete this summer. Sunday was a workshop for our youth performers….we worked on Kinka drumming, Gota, and learned a few Ewe greetings to use upon arrival in Ghana.

We ended the weekend with an informal performance and BBQ at St George’s. This is an annual show we present as appreciation for the wonderful  and affordable home we have for our studio at St George’s. Thanks to the Parish in general and Georges Bouliane in particular! The performance featured Kwasi as lead drummer and it was clear both he and his sons infused us with an amazing energy which is just a taste of what is to come for us in the summer.  Thanks to Board member Ian Brown for awesome stage managing help!

There is no denying the energy for the trip is mounting and the skills of the youth performers are expanding exponentially. Don’t miss the final concert before we go, Friday June 17 , 7:30pm at the Fourth Stage of the NAC Tickets $20 For more info and to buy tickets click HERE!

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