Packing Party

Last night we assembled  all the generously donated school supplies, sports equipment, dental supplies, guitar, kids clothing and shoes together with our extra duffel bags and went to work packing up the bags to take on our trip. We will have about 30 bags of donations to take, as well as close to $2000 for school textbooks and cultural group supplies needed.  A BIG thank you to all the members of the Ottawa community far and wide for these contributions.Please see a full list of these generous individuals and businesses on our donations page.

After some great snacks, the travelers met for a “web building” activity where we vocalized all our good wishes for each others’ journey. The travelers received their final schedule and instructions, as the next time we see each other will be on departure day!

Thanks to Hayley de Bie, our manager for all her work on this tour, parent Claire Thompson for health prep, Board member Nadine Powers who will be a chaperone, the youth performers who worked so hard together, and ALL the parents who have fundraised, collected donations and some of whom will chaperone on the trip. This has certainly been an amazing group effort!

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3 Responses to Packing Party

  1. Lois McGrath says:

    Kathy, this blog is written so beautifully that as I read it as work, I am moved to tears. I wish you and the kids the most wonderful experience in Ghana. Next time I am going with you!

  2. David Hennessy says:

    Hey Katty! Awesome to see all the progress you’ve made with the group and it’s so cool to see another group going on the “footsteps to Ghana tour”. To cool!
    Best wishes for you, your family, and the group! Have a great summer

  3. Marmie says:

    The Departure!

    What a great departure! Everyone was on-time :-) ! As the kids said goodbye, loaded their gear, and gave away hugs, the parents and siblings watched with a mixture of sadness and joy! Haley and their fine roadie, Rory, got everyone organized, counted, and loaded onto the bus. The families all stood and looked at the darkened windows of the bus wishing the windows were clearer: crying and smiling and already missing our kids and family! After an absolute eternity the bus lumbered out of the studio parking lot.

    Thanks Kathy. Thanks Haley. Thanks Rory. Thanks also to George for providing the Feezie Pops (time for the kids to figure out how to get to their wet naps). Thanks to everyone who made this fabulous adventure possible.

    BON VOYAGE!!!!

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