Notes from Ghana #12

So you have heard the occasional comments about the dresses and outfits. Kwasi’s daughter Angelina is a favourite among us all, staying up late sewing traditional outfits for all the women on the trip. And the guys have had all their tailoring done by Sakura (also related to Kwasi but more distantly….ask Rowan he is studiously trying to record the family tree here…no easy task). We all agreed the youth have an incredible eye for what suits them, both in cloth and styles. See for yourself! (You know you can click on each photo to enlarge). We all dressed for our trip to Dzogadze yesterday but ore on that trip later…its pretty indescribable so not sure who we will get to try to convey that experience.   (I am sitting drinking my morning Nescafe,  fingers crossed that ALL these photos will load so here we go…).

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