Notes from Ghana #14

Two Views from the Top

In the Cape Coast area, on Monday, we spent the morning exploring one of Ghana’s rainforests. The Kakum Rainforest is a magical place, made more so by the seven rope bridges built high above the giant trees. While a few of us were a bit nervous, most were thrilled at the prospect of walking in the sky. Everyone took a deep breath and made the glorious trek. Below, two of our Baobab Youth Performers (Emily & Augusta) eloquently share their experiences on the Canopy Walk.

Hi everyone back home! I’m having a great time, and the rain forest was awesome! You get a feeling that everything is alive, and growing. I could almost feel the rain forest breathing, it was that cool. The trees are massive (in some sections), and they have folds in them that you could use as shelter. The walk the the canopy was just as neat. I was sooo happy and I felt like I would never stop smiling as I watched the world beneath me. We unfortunately did not see any monkeys or animals (even though we were trying to be quiet) possibly because sometimes we could not stop laughing, taking pictures and just being joyous in general.

The gift shop had some really nice things, too (though they were a bit expensive). I bought some charms, and I was very temped to buy some kitipo which are little wooden balls connected by a string. I will try to buy some before we go.

I miss all you guys back home, but I’ll see you soon!


Excepting bird calls, the forest below is dead silent. And yet, it seems to almost hum with life, like it’s all one independent organism, and you alone can hear the heartbeat of it. It’s almost like being a god of a small world as gaze down upon the canopy below, feel as if you’re watching….something. I don’t know. A secret life known only to you and the rainforest. The before mentioned organism with the steady heartbeat. Everything is so small and so big all at once. This is the canopy walk, and the only way to describe the feeling is complete happiness. Perhaps a small thrill of fear from being up so high, but a small dose just makes the happiness stronger. The happiness is not a fierce joy, but a feeling that everything is right in the world. I believe it’s because the height makes you feel light, bouncy, and on top of the world. Of course, the biggest reason is the rainforest itself. Yes, it is ancient and powerful, but at the same time it is basically the physical embodiment of meditation.

– Augusta Monet

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