Notes from Ghana #2

Yes that was posted by Rory because I was already in Ghana, travelling ahead of the group with our good friend and colleague Jennifer Moir. We two had three crazy busy days in Accra, spending time making some final arrangements for the group, running some errands, eating chicken and rice, some streetfood (kebabs, yam chips & pepe) soaking up Accra life, and just acclimatising ourselves to Ghana. Jen is a fantastic conductor, singer and educator who is accompanying the group (on her first trip to Africa) as a vocal interpreter as well as working on a composition project with Rory, so that we can premiere a new piece with her choir at the University of Western Ontario, in the fall. Jen and I had an amazing bunch of rides with a taxi driver, Kwami (thanks for the great recommendation Deborah!), an Ewe who knows all the backroads in Accra necessary to avoid the traffic, which somehow seems to be worse than ever. Baobab has several times connected with the Osu Children’s Library Fund, mostly in Ottawa for fundraising events. We were really pleased to visit three of the more than 200 libraries built in Ghana by the OCLB, including the original shipping container library started by the amazing Kathy Knowles and run by Joana, a tireless champion for reading and engaging volunteers. It was great to see the adult literacy classes there. We will return to the Nima Library later on the trip to connect and exchange performances with the youth Theatre group there. More on that to come….

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