Notes from Ghana #3

Meeting the arriving Baobab group (all 33 of them) at the Kotoka airport in Accra was exciting…finally all of our plans for this trip becoming real. Kwasi had arranged fr the bus My Goodness to fit us all in, kinda crazy but sure fun to be all together. The kids were tired but REAL troopers and after a snack of local groundnuts, plantain chips bananas and Fanta, they headed to bed in the Accra Hotel. Much to my surprise, several of them were up early and we sat outside sipping Nescafe and Milo, watching the crazy busy city of Accra begin its day. After breakfast we headed to the village of Dagbamete. The traffic was horrible but we finally made it by mid afternoon. Its really fun to do that journey by day and slowly leave the chaos of the city behind as you travel further into the Volta region, home to many baobab trees. We were WARMLY welcomed into the village and the kids enjoyed a terrific meal of traditional red sauce, rice and plantain. Yummy. The rest of the day was spent hanging with the local kids. I will just say, let the pictures speak for themselves. More soon….

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