Notes from Ghana #23

So this may be the last post from our Ghana trip, and this is not even about Ghana. Its September 1st and the air is cooler, everyone’s thoughts are turning to school,  work and next chapters. Footsteps to Ghana in July seems like ages ago, however we know it will be within us in small ways forever. For instance, recently one of the adults told me as she was waiting (and waiting) to make a major presentation at work, and was getting frustrated and anxious with the delay. Then the Ghana phrase popped up “any moment from now” which made her laugh and remember the amazing wait times we had in Ghana, never knowing the answers to “what” and “when” and it broke all her tension for her. So many great lessons learned…if we can hang on to them.

Last night we had a get together for the travellers and their families. It was a wonderful opportunity to see each other again (its pretty strange to be with 34 other people 24/7 for three weeks and then….nothing…..) So we had some great visits, told some funny stories, looked at photos, looked at movies and slide shows and made a collage of the trip using all kinds of crazy stuff we brought back, everything from local dirt to cedis to Obama cookie wrappers…FUN. The evening was beautifully hosted at the CUBE Gallery. Angie suggested we take up  donations for the famine relief in East Africa….a terrifying and unimaginable reality that is far from what we experienced on the other side of the continent. So we did ($261 she told me this morning) and she will pass on to CARE Canada today.

Hayley and I are looking forward to receiving a photo book of the trip  “presented” to us last night (in fact because of Hurricane Irene it ended up in Memphis so its on its way, but we saw the slides) . It was a lovely gesture from the parents and youth. Thank you! There are some really stunning pictures taken by some and we plan on making a card series…stay tuned for that.

Although most of the kids in Baobab Youth are coming back this season some of the kids will be leaving the group (as happens!) to pursue their other interests, focus on school and just move on with their lives. Last night was poignant in that both energies were felt in the room…lots of chat amongst the youth about these changes. Many of the kids have been with us for 4, 5, 6 years and its such a pleasure to watch them grow, change, deepen and reflect together.  A privilege for me. Always. I am seasoned enough that I can embrace the cycle…even if there are a few tears shed in private :)

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