Drumming for Women

This morning the Baobab Youth performed at the Women’s Economic Empowerment Conference sponsored by CIDA and the UN. It was at the old city hall on Sussex Dr. Its a gorgeous site, and driving there along the Ottawa River Parkway early in the morning with drums in tow, the sun glinting off the river and the Parliament buildings looming against a blue sky, I thought, wow….I have a great job! Playing with such great youth for women from all over the world and having an inspirational and fairly traffic free drive to get there…..awesome. Those days help with the OTHER kind of days :)

It was an early gig, and we drummed and danced from two balconies while international delegates dressed in colourful outfits were arriving, then we grabbed our Northern Ghanaian drums and led the dignitaries in to the stage for the opening talks.  All went well.

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