Rhythm Café

Last Sunday was our annual major fundraiser, Rhythm Café. A huge success this year, we raised more than $2500 for our educational programming. Thanks for all your support!

The event was once again amazingly organized by our manager Hayley de Bie with help from the Baobab Board and parents. We are especially thankful to Bridgehead and Camino for their beverage donations, as well as the many local businesses and individuals who supplied the fantastic silent auction items.

Artistically speaking, there was a wonderful set of performances by our new Zoomers drum class, our older ROOTS class and of course the Baobab Youth Performers. As I was unable to be there at the last minute, we were very fortunate to have Rory Magill and Julia Walmsley step in with their wonderful skills to lead the class performances. The Baobab Youth stepped up to the plate and ran their pieces on their own. Kudos to all! Feedback was terrific and it would seem like a good time was had by all. Hayley and some of the youth paid tribute to the three who left at the end of last year, Angie, Lief and Liam. Sad to see them go!

Thanks to Marmie for photos of the public workshop and rest of the afternoon.

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