Drumming Grannies!

As you have seen in this blog before, there is a wonderful group of women who come to the Baobab Studio occasionally to study drumming with me. Last night they organized and performed at a wonderful event for the Stephen Lewis Foundation; here is a description:

Grannies at the Green Door On Monday, February 6th a fundraising Dinner in aid of the Stephen Lewis Foundation was held at The Green Door Restaurant.  The Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign seeks to build solidarity, raise awareness and garner support for Africa’s grandmothers.  The Green Door Dinner was organized by 3 local Grandmothers Campaign groups: Ammas for Grammas, Capital Grannies, and Grammas to Ambuyas.  African grannies want their grandchildren to be healthy, and to have an education and a future with meaningful work – the same things Canadian grannies want for their grandchildren.  The SLF Grandmothers Campaign contributes to over 300 projects helping African grandmothers and the children in their care with much needed support such as food, medicine, housing grants, school fees and uniforms, and grief counseling.

Jewel 98.5 Radio sponsored the fundraiser and provided strong support – lots of publicity, donations for door prizes and the Silent Auction, as well as Brother Bob from the Jewel’s morning show who was our wonderful MC.  The Capital Grannies Drummers performed, briefly, several times during the evening.  Their final piece was Gahu for Grannies’ (Gahu appropriately means a celebration to bring riches) which emphasized the significant themes of our Campaign: Canadian ‘Grannies’ working with African ‘Gogos’ to ease the pain of AIDS and turn the tide of the AIDS pandemic in Africa.

Having the event sponsored by The Green Door Restaurant, known for its relaxing environment and excellent food, ensured that the evening would be a success. And it was: all the tickets were sold, people ate well, and had a very enjoyable evening.  But the real success was that over $8,000 was raised for the Stephen Lewis Foundation, which will make a substantial difference to many of the African grandmothers and the orphans in their care.

Rosemary Carter, Capital Grannies

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