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Here is some feedback from recent participants…

“It is very clear that you care a great deal about the kids and want the very best for them. How lucky they all are to have you in their lives especially at this stage of their personal growth and development.  You’ve definitely created a special community and second home for them at Baobab where they feel connected and a sense of belonging.”-parent

“My partner and I saw you and your group perform at the awesome African Sanctus concert. It was a phenomenally moving performance. We had to work hard at sitting in proper ‘pewed’ posture as the soul-nourishing voices and rock-about rhythm enveloped all in the church. “-audience member

“The workshop had the right mix of events (cultural background, drums, singing, dance and games).  The instructor never dropped the ball while working through the material. As a result, the flow from one event to the next was seamless. This workshop covered considerably more material than other workshops I have taken of similar length.”-workshop participant

Thank you to you and your amazing performers!!!  It was a fantastic presentation.  It was really inspiring to see students so confident and engaged in drumming and dancing.”-teacher

“What a great concert!!! I asked (my son) what his favourite part was and he said: “The joy of performing with everyone.  It just makes you feel so happy, usually by the second song I just can’t stop smiling.” -parent/youth performer NAC 4th Stage show

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