Baobab Board

As anyone knows who has been on a board or worked with a non-profit entity, having a committed and vibrant Board of Directors is really important to the running of a healthy and successful organization.  We have always been proud of,  and grateful to the individuals who,  over the years,  have generously given their time and expertise to Baobab’s endeavours. Last night we had a lovely end of year celebration dinner at one of the member’s homes. As we reflected on this year of decision making and budget challenges, we also recalled the great shows and programming that were possible. Next year will look a little different at Baobab…but as a living and breathing organization that has been around for 17 years, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

A big thank you to outgoing Chair Ian Brown, as well as all the members for this season: Hilary Clauson, Alison Clegg, Evie Gray, Carole Johnson, Nadine Powers and Claire Thompson. They have done an amazing job of helping to steer through some turbulent times. Akbesia!

2011-12 Baobab Board members with Hayley de Bie and Kathy Armstrong at an earlier event in the season

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