Flight path

Well we’ve done lots and lots of unusual gigs in our 17 year history, but yesterday was our first one done outside under a flight path. It was an end of year performance for Agincourt Elementary School, and hundreds of kids gathered outside on blankets and towels with their hats and sunscreen on for our performance (last for us for this season). We had a small group, given that there were lots of things competing for our youth’s time…testing, exams, school trips etc….but this made the ones who were there work hard,  play new parts and allowed the audience to really get to know them by name…Dan was a big hit with his big voice :). Our drumming sounds fabulous outside….where of course it was meant to be played…but every few minutes a jet would fly overhead and drown us out….kinda fun and novel. Later, Claire and Sara showed a few dance moves to one of the classes as they were leaving, and we all got high fives and “hey teenagers, great show” remarks on the way out.  That’s it for the youth group until we start up again in September. Thanks to Hayley and parents for driving.

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