Studio Party

Last night was the last class of the season for our adults and we had a great gathering at the studio to celebrate all the achievements of the students and to thank all of our instructors: Dominic Donkor, Prosper Adjetey, Rory Magill and Julia Walmsley.They have been so inspirational to everyone taking the classes. Their contributions have ranged from a few months to seventeen years! Not with us last evening were Shara Weaver and Dave Bossmin, who we also thank for their great teaching to our classes in past years.

We also had a chance to thank and honour Hayley de Bie, Baobab’s manager,  for all her hard work behind the scenes of the classes over the last seven years…scheduling, registration, statistics, phone calls, emails, payments, refunds; everything that goes along with running 6-8 classes per week at the studio. She is an organizational wizard and a friend to many, and we are going to miss her when we make our changes next season to smaller programming.

Visiting from Boston, musician and dancer Nani Agbeli poured libation and gave a moving prayer invoking his father, the late Godwin Agbeli, master drummer and teacher to both Rory and myself  in our early years of studying this music. He wished future success for all the students and encouraged them to keep going with this music and dance.  He also paid tribute to the history of Baobab and wished for us to stay healthy and keep doing what we do! Some fun dancing followed. A great night. Thanks to Baobab’s Board for all the gifts and food for the evening: Ian Brown, Evie Gray, Nadine Powers, Claire Thompson, Hilary Clauson, Alison Clegg and Carole Johnson.

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