Gahu, Eh!

Well it was a FANTASTIC evening  at our big show last night, with Nani Agbeli, Carleton West African Rhythm Ensemble and Baobab Youth. It was soooo much fun to get both my performance groups together, and to have the excellent artistic contribution of Nani, who has been connected to us in one way or another since my first trip to Ghana in 1990, although this is our first show together. We had a lot of fun in the massed pieces of Tokwoe and Gahu, with over 50 performers in each! Nani blew us all away in his dance solo to Adzogbo music…what a powerhouse performer he is. And his teaching and motivating presence is so wonderful for us all. Each group also did their thing for a few pieces. Audience turnout was wonderful..lots of familiar and new faces mingling. We so appreciate the generous donations from Julia Walmsley & Nadine Powers for making this specific project possible.  It was great to be able to indulge in such a large scale artistic project…its been a while for sure! We were pleased to see CBC television filming a short segment which aired later that evening and to Chris Thompson and Lyndon Goveas for their video and photos of the evening. Excerpts of the video can be found on our video page and Lyndon’s photos are below, as well as on our facebook page. Enjoy!

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