Kingston Tour!

Baobab Youth had a quick run out to Kingston, ON last weekend for an overnight trip and concert. We were invited to work with the Cantabile Choirs, longtime collaborators and friends of Baobab. Under the direction of Mark Sirrett and Marie Anderson, the choirs always demonstrate amazing musicianship and have an international reputation for their excellence.


The afternoon dress rehearsal gave us a chance to practice our set, and figure out how to adapt our dances to the space at Sydenham United Church. Then the choirs arrived and we did a dress rehearsal with all 100 of us for Gahu which was open to the public.

The youth choir prepared and served an amazing pot luck dinner for us all, then it was concert time.

The choirs sang a couple of sets and we performed a few of our pieces. Then, after intermission the full on Gahu happened beginning with our hatsiatsia. Great concert!






One sad milestone though… our beloved and ancient cricket for Bell Forest died and was unable to be resuscitated. We did everything we could. Bell Forest happened without it…during intermission we paid tribute and poured a libation for the deceased cricket….now we REALLY have to put the search on for a new one!


Next day we all walked on the waterfront and up Princess St. Stops at the famous Pan Chancho Café and a few small purchases.


Thanks for our parent drivers/chaperones: Lorie, Joanna, Russ and Jennifer.  Pictures courtesy of Russ Molot.

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