End of Season Notes

Both the ROOTS kids and Baobab Youth were busy while I was away in Ghana in May. The ROOTS kids worked with Dominic Donkor for four sessions and gave an engaging open house performance at the end of May. We are lucky to have him around! He will be back for the Rhythm Trek Camp in the summer.

ROOTS May 2013Baobab Youth also worked with Dominic and learned a new piece, Sikyi,  which we will add to our repertoire. Baobab Youth member Emily, worked with Kathy to give workshops at the Ottawa Children’s Festival in early June….hot days and hot tents. But perfect for drumming!

Emily & Kathy

June was also the celebration month for our friends at Cantiamo Choir, directed by Jackie Hawley who were celebrating 10 years! They invited us to be part of their concert, for a large scale Gahu. Seemed fitting since they graced us with their fabulous singing at OUR 10th Anniversary concert in 2005!

Cantiamo anniversary June 2013 012

We finished the season with our Sankofa concert at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield. We presented our new piece Sikyi, led by Dominic Donkor which was well received. Dominic brought his friends Owuo Begine and Kwame Letsa and they did a great set on their own. Have a great summer….see you in the Fall!







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