Bobobo on Sunday

We performed this morning at a wonderful and progressive Presbyterian Church in Ottawa’s East End St David and St Martin’s Church.

About 18 members of the congregation met with me Friday night to work on some drumming. This interesting and diverse group included Elyse Holloway, mom of esteemed Baobab Youth alumnus, Dalton Holloway who was on the first trip Baobab took to Ghana and is featured in our film “Footsteps to Ghana” .

We put it together with Baobab Youth Performers this morning in about 20 minutes….a wonderful Ghana Alleluia Procession followed by a Kpanlogo from the workshop participants and then later a full Bobobo by Baobab Youth. Reverend George Zimmerman tied it all together with a short talk about drumming and music in worship through history. A highlight was meeting Mona Lisa, recently arrived from Ghana for a one year work term in Canada,  who sang the lead for Ghana Alleluia with me. What a treat! Special thanks to our practicum student Meaghan Cullen. Photos by Mike Gauthier.

Saints drummingProcessionSaints2Saints3Saints4ML&DEB&ELYSE

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