Happy New Year! It is with great pleasure we announce the completion of our new Three Year Strategic Plan for the Organization. Beginning with community and participant consultation in October, the Baobab Board has been busily working with that input to draft our direction for the next few years. Included in that is the planning for our 20th Anniversary Celebrations, coming in 2015.  You can read the document here:

Baobab Strategic Plan 2014-2017

Thanks to all the people who generously contributed their time towards this project:

Facilitator: Graham Sher
AD/ED: Kathy Armstrong
Board members: Erica Sher (chair), Evie Gray, Abigail Forson, Kerry Gogush-Cule, Tanis Stoliar, Nadine Powers (on leave)
Baobab Parents: Christopher Duschenes, Tiffany Klein, Eileen Melnick, Claire Thompson
Baobab Youth: Emily Klein, Jona Thomas, Rory Saunders, Gabriel Sher
Community members: Mike Nowosad, Tara Phillips, Meaghan Cullen, Sam Bonti-Ankomah, Bismark Otoo, Jane O’Regan, Leslie Bricker
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