Baobab & Kiniwe

Kiniwe posterBaobab Youth had a FANTAstic concert with Kiniwe last night, the Tufts Music African Ensemble directed by Nani Agbeli. We greeted concert goers in the lobby with our Bell Forest which sounded lovely in the space.

BellForest TuftsOur feature piece on the program was Danse Guerriere, which came second in the program. The youth did a great job and really enjoyed playing for an audience that knows this style of music so well, and the audience loved them back. Check out the video  here! (thanks to parent Stuart McCarthy).

The rest of the concert was various formations  of  the Kiniwe drummers and dancers, Agbekor the adult community group and another guest artist, Saeed Abbas a fantastic northern Ghanaian drummer. He and Nani did a virtuostic duet that prompted some money praise on the foreheads…

The students at Tufts did a high octane performance of Adzogbo, with full costume that was magnificent and so much work to put together. There were drum-only versions of Tokwoe and Gahu and a Kpanlogo that featured men and women separately, including a crazy highlight of an exit for the men….they were all in full plank form on the floor and did jumping pushups as they exited across the stage. There were many jaws permanently dropped amongst our youth! An impressive Atisiagbekor and women’s Atsia followed and then the Kpanlogo finale with everyone on stage. We have a few pics of that, including some very happy post-performance pics. What a night! Here is the full concert link, courtesy of Tufts University.

Dance party

post concert 2Post concert 1



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