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We had a great day in downtown Boston yesterday. The weather was pretty crappy but we kept to our schedule and really enjoyed ourselves! We started with a tour of Paul Revere’s house which was built in the 1600’s and which he lived in as a silversmith (among other freelance jobs) during the latter 1700’s, when he made his famous ride. It was a large house by the standards of the times, but still we were amazed that he lived there with his first wife and 8 kids, and then when she died giving birth to the last, he remarried and had 8 more with his new wife. Yes they all slept there in rope beds. :)

Paul revereAfter a little steeping in history and context we travelled the cobblestone streets along the Freedom Trail to Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall for some shopping and amazing lunch choices. It was pouring outside but we,  along with a bunch of other youth bands and tourists enjoyed seeing all the stalls of fresh seafood and crazy things to buy. Live music from a youth orchestra in the rotunda and some funky sights and smells.

Quincy rotunda

We then walked past some amazing architecture, through the very old city cemetery which was incredibly beautiful. A rainy day helped to give the old stones both beauty and dignity. A common symbol of the day was a skull and wings, one of the earliest non-religious symbols on tombstones….signifying both death as well as the fleeting time of life.

State buildingMagnoliacemetary 1Cemetary 2A short while later we ended up at the Boston Commons, a glorious green space that would have just been a little nicer had the weather been sunnier….we continued on to the eclectic and oh- so-expensive Newbury St as well as Boylston St, where tributes to the Boston Marathon runners were everywhere…pretty moving… “Boston Strong” tees and posters and emotions. Boston common1Boston Common 2We were walking towards our dinner destination when we came upon a curious but incredibly beautiful archway along the harbour where the  most amazing American flag billowed in every direction. Hard to describe, but a nice surprise. After walked along the windy and cold waterfront, we arrived at the Boston Sail Loft for dinner, a very quaint and REAL former sail loft on one of the wharfs. Everyone enjoyed some great seafood and views. No question we were all pretty bagged heading back to the hotel!

Large flaglarge flag 2large flag 3



Boston Sail loftoutside dinner


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