Beat Retreat

Baobab Youth kicked off the season with a half day Beat Retreat last weekend followed by our first performance of the season. A four hour rehearsal with our friends drummer Dominic Donkor and dancer Prosper Adjetey who taught us a new piece, Kpatsa and worked a little on some clean up for Kpanlogo…a really great work out for all!


Then we walked down to dinner at Oliver’s house.. the beautiful weather enhanced the great hang outside for badminton, massage, chat and amazing food provided by Jona’s , mom, co-owner of Red Apron. What a treat to have such delicious food!Dinner1Dinner 3Dinner 2Dinnr 4Dinner 5



Then we headed off to McKellar Park to play for the Labyrinth Walk, hosted by Barbara Brown and the McKellar Park Community Association. All ages gathered to walk the labyrinth and listen to the sounds of the gankoguis and drums. It was magical! L1L2L3L4L5

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