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Yesterday Baobab Youth had a busy gigging day….we started with a full performance at the Ottawa Storytellers Children’s Day for about 100 kids and parents.

Baobab @storytellersWe then moved on to Carleton University where we met up with my group there….the West African Rhythm Ensemble. We have each been practicing a full version of Gahu and so we put it together with about 30 of us. We walked over to the beautiful River Building where the Power of the Arts National Forum was taking place. I spoke for a few minutes on the drumming program I teach at Carleton in the Music dept, Baobab Community and the amazing health benefits that come with drumming and then we demonstrated with a full Gahu. SO wonderful! We received a standing ovation! I love bringing the two groups together.  Fantastic energy. Still hoping for some photos of the event but here is one at the rehearsal.

Baobab & WARE 2014

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