Black Sheep Farley 3

Sunday was our final show of the season. As per tradition, we played at the Black Sheep Inn, inviting any alumnae to attend and participate, as well as creating space to honour those who are leaving the group at the end of this season: Clara Burgener, Ariane Wilson, Gabriel Sher and Samantha Ferguson.

We also had special guests Dandelion Dance Company directed by Hannah Beach. They performed one of their amazing pieces :We are Children” as well as doing an improv for our Kpanlogo.

The show was FANTASTIC! Not only for its artistic quality which was very high, but for the amazing energy of inclusiveness and support generated by these young people. It was one of our more special shows.

Thanks to alumnae to came out: Conor Shields, Dave Hennessy, Ioyan Manser-Goveas, Ben Compton, Diana de Zuviria Abbate, and Ben Holland (whose pics will follow soon). SO wonderful to have your participation!

Here are some pics from current parent David Farley(THX).

Back Sheep Farley 1Black Sheep Farley 2

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  1. David says:

    I just spent ten minutes reviewing the blog posts for the past year and smiled all the while. Great pictures and stories, but really I am so impressed with the experiences you have exposed your youth group to.
    They are a very fortunate group of kids.

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