Camp Week!

campgroupWhat a fantastic week at Rhythm Trek Camp! A group of 16 campers gathered last week each day to drum, dance, sing, play cards, eat together, swim and play games. Coached and guided by 5 wonderful volunteers: Sam, Quinn, Rory, Brianna & Patty. Taught by Kathy Armstrong, Dominic Donkor, Rory Magill and with an impromptu performance by visiting drummer dancer Nani Agbeli. What a great week! We learned some Bobobo and Danse Guerriere rhythms, dance moves for each, Pete Pete singing, mudcloth art projects and Ghanaian food day. The campers ranged in age from 6-13 and were awesome mentors to each other. A real treat to spend time with this group! See you next year! Special thanks to the Rotary Club of Nepean/Kanata for their support, as well as St. George’s Parish for space. Here are a few shots of the fun:

camp1camp2camp3camp4camp5camp6camp7camp8camp9camp10camp11camp12camp13Camps 5 mudclothart




concert prep

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