Gigging for Latrines!

Baobab Youth performed at the recent benefit put on by the Rotary Club of Nepean-Kanata, to raise funds for a new latrine system on the village of Dzogadze in Ghana. The concert was organized by Liliane Lalonde-McKennirey, a pianist and music teacher who accompanied us on our first trip to Ghana in 2001. There was an eclectic group of performers including the Orkidstra and the Goulbourn Male Chorus. We have spent many good times in Dzogadze watching and participating in local performances, as well as learning from the amazing drummer and dancers there. Their special piece in Dzogadze is Atsiagbekor a challenging and energetic story of battles fought. Its an amazing place and we are so pleased to offer our support. Here is a note from the chief:

Hi Kathy,
Liliane made me aware that you are going to perform a concert to raise fund for the WC project for Dzogadze. I want to thank you very much for this generous gesture. I am so grateful. My greetings to everybody. Wishing you a very wonderful weekend.

Torgbi Agblah.

TorgbuibeachDzogadze benefit 2

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