AGM (Awesome Greet & Meet)

IMG_0084Today was truly the most spectacular weather day Ottawa has seen in months. And it was also the date of our Annual General Meeting where we share with our community thoughts about where we have been recently, where we are going and celebrate all that is Baobab. Kudos to those that came out on a day where they could easily be off sailing, picnic-ing or gardening.  Our Board of Directors, led by interim chair Evie Gray did a spectacular job preparing, organizing logistics and making delicious food for the event. The youth, arriving after a morning community performance, easily made up half of the attendees. Probably the youngest demographic at an AGM that we have ever had! After a few presentations, including some finance info from Hayley, the youth and ROOTS members present did an impromptu Kpatsa. We finished in record time! Congrats to all. Minutes from the event will be posted here shortly. In the meantime, here are a few snapshots.

IMG_0070IMG_0072IMG_0076 IMG_0078IMG_0081 IMG_0069

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