Ref 8Baobab Youth Performers performed a couple pieces at  the OCISO (Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization)  “Refugee Welcome Event” this afternoon at the Jim Durrell Community Centre. It was a very moving experience!  The gathering exceeded OCISO’s hopes for attendance…more than 250 people were there. Lots of kids…many of the families are quite large. Welcoming speeches by members of OCISO, as well as MP David McGuinty, MPP John Fraser and Councillor Riley Brockington were interpreted into Arabic. When we got up to perform Danse Guerriere, with lots of drumming and dancing, dozens of phone cameras appeared as well as smiling faces, and children who gravitated towards our performance space. By the time we did our second piece I had a young girl just standing next to me while I played. Our second piece was Bell Forest, and we moved into the crowd handing out extra frog  and cricket soundmakers to the children so they could add to our rainforest rhythms. Afterwards we shared some musical time.  Very special. As we finished our performance, plates of flatbreads with hummous and various other yummy things were being delivered to the tables. It was very festive and we were thrilled to be part of it. Hopefully we will have another opportunity for more interaction at a future date! Here are a few photos thanks to one of our parents, Kerry.

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