Toronto in March

Baobab Youth kicked off their Toronto tour with a long day of performances and rehearsals. In the morning we visited Kingsway College School where we performed two shows for their elementary students. Kingsway has had a focus on African music and culture all year, doing a two week drumming and dancing residency with me in January, and producing Lion King as their school musical this year. We actually got to perform in the set of the Lion King as it was during their performance run. The other bonus was that all the kids I worked with in my residency, happily jumped up and joined us for Gahu, remembering everything they had learned!

In the afternoon, we went to Riverdale Collegiate Institute and rehearsed our massed Gahu and Ghana Alleluia with members of the Riverdale music department. We have had a couple of workshop collaborations leading up to this but this was the moment to put it all together! The show went really well. Check out this short video by one of our parents Kerry.



Saturday was a relaxing mix of  sightseeing (Evergreen Brickworks for some skating, foodie lunches and The Beach area for chilly boardwalking and a bit of shopping)


Saturday finished with an inspirational workshop with Kwasi Dunyo on the music of Zigi. Kwasi will be our host in Ghana this summer so this was a perfect chance for the youth to bond with him a little more. Of course the workshop was followed by some amazing Ghanaian food and dancing with all Kwasi’s family. A party at the Dunyos is not to be missed!

Sunday we gathered at the Armstrong-Caron’s for a really nice chill brunch before hitting the road. All went well…we are getting our travel groove together a a group! Special thanks to the Riverdale CI community and friends and family for hosting us!

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