Sankofa 2017

Yesterday we once again made the trek to Wakefield to perform at the famous Black Sheep Inn. We have been holding an annual concert there for 20 years, since our inception. We are in a mutual admiration club and the Sheep has seen our youth grow up there…one of our alum now playing in his own band at the Sheep recently. This all-ages show brings many people together in a magical space to play music. Ours involved drumming, dance, singing and our wonderful mentor, Master Drummer Kwasi Dunyo. It was a lousy weather day, lots of cloud and rain….and rivers running dangerously high, not to mention the Sens playoff game that was happening at the very same time! However those who joined us were treated to a wonderful concert with audience participation and a Sankofa tribute to our members who are leaving us at the end of this season. Special members Galen, Amanda and Quinn were presented with Sankofa letters and adinkra symbol necklaces, honouring their time with us and their contributions to the group. They will be greatly missed! We also welcomed alumnae Clara, Oliver and Patty who joined us for a couple of pieces! Some ROOTS kids were also in attendance, a class that many of our performers started with. A highlight for many people was the involvement of many of the very young members of the audience. It was amazing to watch the delight on their faces joining us for the softly beautiful Bell Forest. New to the tradition this year was an after-party at the riverside home of one of the members, where Baobab families, alumnae, board members and youth all hung out, made connections, ate terrific food and made some brief dips in the bracing Gatineau river, followed by a hot tub immersion. The power went off as the light outside was fading, and final conversations were conducted by candlelight…a little practice for the occasional “light off!” on our upcoming Ghana trip! A truly great day…

Thanks for these pics from parent Ian Holland:

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