A busy few days…

We have recently been having blog problems, so sorry for the gap in writing. In the meantime, we have had a great three-day road trip to Accra, Cape Coast and Elmina! After a small roadside breakdown (expected on any Ghana trip), we spent 24 hours in Accra hanging for the afternoon at the Kathy Knowles Library in Nima. The youth theatre group, led by the amazing Martin Legend performed excerpts from their new original play called “The Man from the Past”…it was spellbinding and we were so wanting to hear what happens at the end, we made Martin promise to send us his script by email so we can read it. This was followed by a performance of Fume Fume by us , and then a few high octane drum and dance pieces by their troupe. A really nice youth exchange!

Afterwards we had a great meal at Chez Afrique, a wonderful throwback Ghana Independence-style outdoor restaurant complete with traditional and more international dishes. Their grilled snapper, chicken and octopus were hits. After sleeping at the Yiri Lodge,  we went to the amazing but stressful arts market at the Centre for National Culture. A great opportunity to try bartering. Everyone did well, buying some great cultural gifts and sharing tips on how to get a deal. The trip to Cape Coast was long but we were thrilled to land at Hans Cottage Botel where we spent the next two nights. More on that coming soon….

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