Ghana En Route – Part 1

Travelling as a group of 24 is a very different experience than family travel! The two hour bus ride to Montreal was filled with playing Heads-Up and excited chatter. In Montreal, it took us nearly two hours to get checked in, check our bags, get our Ghana visa’s entered into the system and get through security. Needless to say, we didn’t have much time to spare before boarding our flight to Amsterdam.

The flight was uneventful (thankfully). In Amsterdam, we broke into small groups to take the train into town and had about 3 hours to tour around. We had a much smoother time navigating the Amsterdam airport and some time to chill before getting on the next flight.

We were very happy to be greeted by Kathy, Kwasi, and the Dagbamete crew when we landed in Accra. It was dark and chaotic in the airport parking lot, but we eventually loaded into the vans and made our way the Yiri Lodge, our home for the first night. All told, it was 27 hours of travel from the time we left the Ottawa train station until we arrived at Yiri. Whew!

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  1. Nana & Grandpa Holland says:

    Thanks so much for the interesting update about this amazing adventure. Looking forward to the next installment! Take care and have fun.

  2. Eleanor Hotchkiss says:

    More please!

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