Ghana 2017 #1 Departures and Arrivals!

The group left Ottawa yesterday with all persons present, so I have been informed (thanks Ian!). That bodes well for the rest of the trip ;) We have 13 youth and 12 adults on the Footsteps 2017 journey. Here they are leaving Ottawa. The first leg involves a bus ride, and two long flights. I have taken the lead and have been in Ghana for a few days already. There are lots of preparations for a group this size so Kwasi and I have been working hard to get everything ready in Dagbamete. I am in Accra now, with friends Angelina and Jambolah, also making preparations. We, along with Kwasi and an entourage from Dagbamete will meet the group tonight at Kotoka airport. I can hardly wait! We have purchased some fresh local plantain chips, sweet bananas (tasting the way bananas ought to), a few biscuits and of course lots of water for the travellers upon arrival. I have been enjoying driving around Accra, seeing familiar and new sights. Here we go…


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  1. David Farley says:

    Kathy, Thanks for the update, and for all of your forward planning. I’m sure it is going to be a great experience for all.

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