Home again!

The youth and chaperones made it home last night, after nearly 36 hours of travel (driving in the vans to Accra, flying to Amsterdam, flying to Montreal, then bussing back to Ottawa). Everyone is safe and no one required serious medical attention (thank you, Carol!).

As a wrap up to the trip, here is a summary of the youth members as described by themselves:

  • Quinn is the craziest
  • Polly is the sleepiest
  • Eric is the biggest hypochondriac
  • Adriana is the quietest
  • Magda is the most inquisitive
  • Clare is the bravest
  • Rory is the best eater
  • Olivia is the bravest (due to her forced participation in Nima!)
  • Galen is the snazziest dresser
  • Emma is the biggest worrier
  • Donovan is the noisiest
  • Lydia has the biggest size to personality ratio
  • Sophie is the most accident prone

Special thank you to our fearless leaders, Mama Kathy and Hayley Aku!

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