Market day

This past Wednesday was market day in Akatsi, a larger village that is a 20 minute drive from Dagbamete. We went there after lunch with several of our Dagbamete hosts as guides to do some shopping. For most of us, the goal was to find fabric for outfits to have made in town for the upcoming festival.

It is very hard to describe the market and do it justice. It was busy, chaotic, and exciting. There were vendors selling toiletries, disposable diapers, beads, pre-made jewelry, seafood, fruit, spices, bells, bowls, kids clothes, hot peppers, plastic containers, and, of course, fabric in every colour combination you could imagine.

We enjoyed Fanyogo (a frozen yogurt treat in a bag, fresh bread, and cassava biscuits.

As a “yevu” or “white person”, it is a humbling and enlightening experience for me to be a visible minority. We got a lot of attention from people as we walked around because we stood out, but people were friendly.

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2 Responses to Market day

  1. Ian Holland says:

    All the accounts of your adventures have been terrific to read. It’s wonderful to hear the stories, and to get the perspectives from various travelers. Looking forward to seeing all the choices for colors and patterns, when everyone’s Ghanaian outfits are completed!

  2. Rory Magill says:

    Wonderful! Thanks for the post. Ayeko!

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