If you were downtown least evening near Elgin and Albert Streets around 7pm, you would have seen a bunch of teens in rubber boots and gold shirts hanging around the magnificent Oscar Peterson….then suddenly, they arranged themselves in four lines and rhythmic sounds of stomping and slapping began, as Baobab Youth performed 2-4, our Gumboot dancing routine. This is a short, complicated and groovy routine taught to us by members of Black Umfalosi, who we had the pleasure of working with a few years back at the Kaleid festival in London Ont. Thomeki, who was the main guy teaching us, always counted us in with the phrase 2, 4,  so seemed a natural title for the piece.

We had some passersby taking video and photos, a few honking cars and even a bus driver who gave us the peace sign.It was so much fun, the youth ran up to the corner of Elgin and Queen and did it again!

What a great way to kick off our concert last evening…..

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