Notes from Ghana #1

Day one. Hayley arrives at the studio early. The bus arrives at the studio early. Just about everyone arrives early and so off we go……early. Traffic is in our favour and so we get to Trudeau airport early. Everything is moving nicely. Hayley finds a nice man from British Airways, Carlos, who is immediately friendly and helpful with our huge group and we get checked in faster than we could have hoped. Hayley prompts a thank-you-Carlos shout-out from the kids, to the delight (or amusement) of this Carlos fellow. Later, as we board the plane, there’s Carlos again, sneaking in through one of those narrow little doors in the mobile on-ramp that you walk down into the airplane. Hayley calls out to Carlos and the friendship is rekindled. Carlos graciously declines an invitation to join us on the trip to Dagbamete and says instead he’ll watch out for Baobab on Youtube (perhaps he means one day, when we get big). Hayley tells him cheerfully that Baobab is indeed on Youtube and produces a Baobab business card for our new friend, with our website on it, from which he might navigate his way to the group’s videos. Then we all greet goodbye. Well, Hayley is no fool, and though she would gladly strike up friendships in any direction at any time, she also knows the potential value of friendly engagements like the one with Carlos.

Once we’re in the air, safely out of Canada and on our merry way to England, Hayley is approached by a flight attendant with a print-out. Carlos has managed to get a message to our airplane. The message is for his new friend Hayley, and she now holds his message in her hands. It says that someone in our party has left immunization records in the airport in Montreal, records which are essential for setting foot in the Republic of Ghana. Carlos, our excellent new friend, goes on in his message to say that he has scanned the document and emailed it to Baobabtree, using the contact info from Hayley’s business card. When we land at Heathrow, the lovely people at British Airways invite Hayley into the first-class lounge to intercept and print out the scanned document. Of course, Hayley takes the opportunity, while enjoying a little first-class comfort, to send a friendly message to our man Carlos, with big, big thanks and a link to our videos. Clever gal.

-posted, in fact , by dogo dogo, Rory Magill….now that we have figured a way to get internet, these posts will be hopefully a little more frequent. We are now in the village of Dagbamete and everyone is doing marvelously well. Stay tuned……

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