ROOTS Open House

This past week, both of our ROOTS classes finished their 8 week session of classes and we opened the doors to friends and family for an informal demonstration of what we have been working on. The program is split into two age levels…7-10 and 11-13. We were lucky to have Maia Allen volunteer with the younger group. A former ROOTS drummer herself, she was a big help in coaching this large class. The older class was a little smaller and more independent. Both classes demonstrated their work on hand and stick drumming, as well as singing and clapping some Ghana children’s game songs. This Fall we have a new colour and design for the ROOTS shirts which they wore for their performances.

During the open house evenings, we also has on display the wonderful art project each class did with Maureen Clarke…this time it was votive candles with Ghanaian adinkra stamps on them. Beautiful!

Always a pleasure to work with these ROOTS kids…the winter session will just be for the older class and then both levels are offered again in the spring. Details are always on the classes page. of this website.

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